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Water Softeners and Conditioners in Calgary, AB

Hard water is a significant problem in the residential plumbing of many cities. Although hard water doesn’t present health problems for a home, it’s damaging in many other ways, creating inconveniences and potentially major plumbing failures. You don’t have to just “deal” with hard water, however. With an excellent plumbing technician, you can have proper water treatment systems in place to soften or condition that hard water.

We’re the experts in Calgary, AB who can provide solutions to hard water woes. We install whole-house water softeners and water conditioners, as well as offer replacement and repair services to keep these systems working. Our technicians are highly trained and offer you the best value for your money, guaranteed. If you aren’t satisfied with our work, we’ll correct it at no charge!

Contact our team to schedule water treatment services in Calgary and the surrounding area. “Happy Today or You Don’t Pay!”

Hard Water and the Water Softener

Hard water refers to water that contains a high amount of minerals in it. The minerals that make water "hard" include magnesium, calcium, and gypsum. Hard water isn’t harmful to drink, but it creates numerous problems for plumbing because of the limescale it deposits on the interior of the pipes and water-using appliances. These limescale deposits reduce volume in pipes and can destroy water heaters, and it also leaves film and deposits on surfaces and fixtures around a home.

A whole-house water softener system counteracts hard water through a process of ion exchange. The softener uses a mixture of brine to swap sodium ions with the hard water ions in the incoming water. This "softens" the water by removing almost all hardness from it. The water softener system flushes away the hard water minerals and recharges itself from a brine tank.

The Water Conditioner Option

A water conditioner is a kind of salt-free way of improving hard water conditions, although it doesn’t make the water actually "soft." Soft water is any water that’s free of minerals down to 1 grain of hardness per gallon. With a water conditioner, the minerals remain—except their ability to create limescale is reduced.

A water conditioner isn’t as efficient at removing the negative side effects of hard water as a water softener is. A water softener can be near to 100% effective at hard water-trouble elimination, while a conditioner ranges between 41% and 94% depending on system type. However, conditioners don’t waste water and allow some beneficial minerals to remain in the water supply. The type best to meet your needs is something your installer can help you decide.

Schedule Whole-House Water Softener and Conditioner Services in Calgary, AB

If you notice you can’t get a good lather of soap going in your home, or that your laundry is coming out faded and your skin feels itchy and dry all the time—you may have hard water! Talk to Ace Plumbing and Heating to arrange for water testing, and we can find out if you’ll benefit from a water softener or water conditioner. We install and service both, and we only use the best products. We won’t let you get stuck with a faulty system—we back up our work with a "No Lemon" guarantee. Make an appointment with us today in Calgary, AB.

We’ve been serving the greater Calgary area for over 45 years!

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