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Gas Line Installation: How it Works & What to Expect

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A plumber working on a natural gas line

Natural gas has many uses for agriculture, transportation, and homes. If you’re looking to add a new gas line for your home, the process may seem confusing. 

An experienced professional can make your installation easy, but how does this process work, and what should you expect from your new gas line? Continue reading to learn more about natural gas lines, the installation process, and what to expect. 

Gas Line Installation: The Details 

Did you know natural gas provides one-third of Canada’s energy needs? The energy source powers many everyday appliances, such as water heaters, clothes dryers, barbecues, stove tops and ovens, boilers, and natural gas fireplaces. 

If you’ve used public transportation in Calgary, you’ve likely seen a natural gas-run vehicle. The city introduced natural gas buses for use back in 2013. 

Natural gas is a cost-effective, efficient energy source for your home, outclassing electricity in operation costs and environmental impact. Natural gas is especially effective as a heating source for larger homes and colder climates (perfect for Alberta winters). 

People use natural gas in many everyday appliances, but what can it power? There are many appliances you can connect a natural gas line to, including: 

  • Grills
  • Fire pits
  • Outdoor Kitchens 
  • Furnaces 
  • Gas stoves
  • Water heaters

If you’re looking to have natural gas power your barbecue, fire pit, or home, you will likely need a gas line installed. Before you call your contractor, learn about the gas line installation process and how it works. 

Gas Line Installation: How It Works

If you’re looking to have a gas line installed for your home, you likely have some questions on how this process works. Having a gas line installed can seem like a complicated process, but you don’t have to do everything. Your contractor can handle the majority of the project. 

Preparing for Your Gas Line Installation 

Before you call your contractor, think about the services you need a gas line for. Are you having a gas line installed for your barbecue or a new appliance in the house? What you need for your home can change the scope of the project. 

After you have an idea of what you need your gas line for, call your contractor and discuss the project. They’ll likely have some questions, and you will receive a quote for the project cost. 

Before beginning the installation, your contractor will apply for the necessary permits and analyze your home for safety precautions. Your contractor will contact Alberta One-Call at least 3 working days before installation to mark off any buried public utilities on your property. 

A full view of a residential natural gas meter measuring gas consumption outside of a house

During The Installation 

Depending on the scope of work, the requirements for your installation may differ. Your contractor will break ground and install the line using the best possible material before running a fuel line to your meter. For your installation, your contractor has several material options, including:

  • Steel
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Corrugated stainless steel tubing 

After Installation 

A City of Calgary representative must inspect the installation to ensure everything went well before powering your new gas line. Inspections are a necessary aspect of permits and are a vital requirement for the installation process. 

When an experienced professional is performing your work, it can seem simple and easy to do. If you feel confident, can you complete your gas line installation by yourself? 

Can You Perform a Gas Line Installation By Yourself? 

The short answer is no. Even if you can install your own gas line, you still need a city permit before you can begin any work. All plumbing and gas installations in Calgary require permits. 

Homeowners cannot apply for a gas permit unless they are a certified journeyman gas fitter working on a single-family residential home. 

You should understand the installation process, but owning a new gas line doesn’t stop after the contractor has finished their work. Long-term inspections and maintenance can protect your home’s safety. 

Gas Line Installation: What to Expect

After your contractor installs your gas line, what should you expect? Is regular maintenance needed? How do you know if your gas line needs a repair or replacement? 

Having a new gas line is not overly complicated. You don’t have to constantly worry about leaks, but remember to maintain your gas line’s integrity and keep an eye out for any problems. 


While gas lines don’t need annual tune-ups like your furnace, regular inspections can help their long-term integrity. Have an annual inspection to identify any corrosion or damage. These damaged areas need repairs or replacements. 

A yearly inspection can help prevent a gas leak before it occurs. 

How to Tell Your Gas Line Needs Attention

Outside of an inspection, how can you tell if your gas line needs attention from a professional? There are several ways to identify problems with your natural gas line. Keep an eye out for: 

  • Gas-powered appliances malfunctioning
  • Unusually high gas bills
  • Condensation on your windows
  • Damaged indoor or outdoor plants 

Gas line maintenance isn’t difficult to keep up with, so remember to have an annual inspection to protect your line’s integrity. Proactive care can protect you and your family from a potential gas leak. If you experience one, follow the City of Calgary’s guidelines

  • Evacuate the building
  • Call 911
  • Call your gas provider’s emergency line
  • Seek medical attention for anyone suffering from breathing problems

Provide Your Home With Efficient Energy

Like any home renovation or project, consider all of the details before making a decision. Understand the gas line installation process, and have an experienced professional handle the work. If you’re interested in installing a gas line for your property, contact your local expert.

Written by Jack Devetten

The company was built on dedication to quality services, skilled and experienced technicians, and competitive prices. Our owner, Jack Devetten, brings more than 45 years of experience with him. All our staff members are focused on delivering 100% satisfaction on every job they do – we guarantee it!
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