July 12, 2017

Sacrificial anodes are rods made out of highly active metals such as zinc, magnesium, or aluminum or magnesium alloys that are developed specifically to protect other, less active metal surfaces. Sacrificial anodes are considered “sacrificial”... Read more

July 7, 2017

Don’t wait until an emergency to find your shutoff valve! Regardless of how new your home is, it’s always smart to be prepared for worst case scenarios. And one of the worst-case scenarios any homeowner deals with is a busted... Read more

July 4, 2017

If you’re like most homeowners, the answer is likely not at all. As long as you have hot water to shower or bathe, you probably don’t ever consider what that vital component is doing. It can be easy to neglect the mechanical areas of our homes,... Read more

June 30, 2017

Nobody ever expects their home to fall victim to the devastating experience of water damage. Whether it’s because we like to think that our homes are a safe-zone, or because we believe that our homes are well-built, it always comes a surprise... Read more

June 28, 2017

Dishwashers go through quite a high volume of water throughout their lifetimes, and defective fittings can spell disaster. Whether you run your dishwasher at night when you’re sleeping, or right before you leave for work in the morning, a faulty... Read more

May 11, 2017

Organic material builds up in drains over time. Pipe diameter gets smaller and smaller as it builds, drains become slow and smell musty.Enzymes, like the ones found in Bio Smart, feast on the organic material leaving only clean drains behind.... Read more

September 16, 2016

With warm weather on the way tree roots will be looking for nutrients in broken sewer lines. Learning these three signs can prevent costly and inconvenient sewer back up. If you know the signs of sewer breach you can save yourself time and money... Read more

September 1, 2016

Make 2016 the year you gift yourself a few minutes of easy home plumbing maintenance to buy you and your family a whole lot of peace of mind! Let Ace Plumbing help you with two or more home plumbing maintenance safety measures or repairs, join... Read more

July 15, 2016

Water damage in homes is very real. According to insurance companies 60% of all insurance claims are due to water damage. In Feb 2016 The Guarantee Company of North America introduced a new water mitigation program for GUARANTEE GOLD® clients and... Read more