Our Services Are Always Performed by Licensed Calgary Plumbers For Your Comfort & Security

Any of the Calgary plumbers that we send to your home are fully licensed and insured, as well as background-checked and drug-tested for your peace of mind. You can take comfort knowing that each repair will be skillfully made by expert plumbers and using top-quality tools and parts.

Plumbing Services Are Available 24/7 – You’re Covered in An Emergency

We offer our services twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty-five days a year, guaranteed. We are there when you need us, equipped with all the tools and parts you could possibly need and with a smile on our faces. Now that’s service!

Find Out Just How Much Water Your Toilet Is Wasting With Our Simple Dye Test

A simple dye test is available which will expose hidden leaks that waste water and cause water bill costs to climb. Some toilets use an unnecessarily large amount of water to flush again wasting water and causing higher water bills. Ask us about shut offs on the toilet water line which can prevent a costly and messy over flow problem.

Let Ace Plumbing Install an Aquatrip For You – The Revolutionary Flood Prevention Device That Could Save You Thousands

When you’re at work, or worse, out of the country and a pipe bursts, it could be hours or even days before you even know about it. By then the water damage costs could be in the tens of thousands of dollars, and it may not even be repairable. Water damage is one of the most serious property disasters that homeowners have to face, especially because they can go unnoticed for so long. But there is a solution! Ace Plumbing is proud to offer Aquatrip installations – a powerful device that monitors the water usage in your home and can automatically control your main water shutoff valve to prevent water damage. This could be one of the most important investments into your home, and that means you should have a specialized professional install it for maximum results. Give us a call to learn more!

How Does An Aquatrip Help You?

We install Aquatrip for Guaranteed Insurance Company, who installs them for free in some homes because 60% of home insurance claims are due to flood in homes. These floods are almost always caused by things like broken washing machine hoses, burst poly b pipe, refrigerator ice maker/water dispensers, just to name a few. With such common problems causing huge disasters, it only makes sense to have this device installed.

We Provide A Complete Range of Plumbing Services To Assist You

No matter the kind of plumbing problems you may be experiencing, the experts at Ace Plumbing are able to diagnose and repair any type of plumbing issue.

Check out the diverse list of services we provide:

Water Heater Maintenance/Repair/Installation: When you are out of hot water, you need it fixed fast. That’s why we have Calgary’s top technicians on standby to get your hot water working fast.

Water leak detection and repair: When water is flowing in to your home, you need it fixed, fast. Our technicians have the technology, skill and parts to get that leak fixed before it causes even more damage.

Main Shut off replacement: If the main shut off valve to your home stops working, it can spell disaster. A leak can cause untold damage to your home, but our technicians can replace the valve quickly and safely to protect your home from any further damage. Many replacements can be done without having to call the city to turn off the water to your home, this means we can get a new valve installed fast! Ask how an Aquatrip can save you money! 

Garbage Disposal: We can show you tips on how to prolong the life of your disposal and proper use to protect your drains.

Frozen Water Lines: When you have frozen water lines or burst pipes, you need someone who understands how to fix the problem so it won't happen again. That's where Ace Plumbing comes in. Our technicians know where to look for the cause of the problem and how to fix it.

Faucet repair: There is nothing more annoying than a dripping faucet. It may start slowly but over time it can develop into a real water waster. A repair can be as simple as changing a cartridge.

Sink Repair: Whether it is a kitchen, bath or laundry sink when it is ready to be replaced it can make a huge difference to the look of the room. We can help you choose the best sink for your application.

Toilet Repair: The symptoms plaguing toilets can be extremely frustrating. From anonymous flushing, to water leaking out of the tank into the bowl, to levers that don’t work or just a non productive flush! How annoying, Our technicians can repair most makes and models and help keep your toilet working efficiently.

Gas line installations: Running out of propane can spoil the BBQ. Get rid of expensive, heavy and inconvenient propane tanks. Ace Plumbing technicians are certified gas fitters. They can safely install a gas line to hook up for your BBQ. You won’t ever need another propane tank. Garage heaters, patio heaters, gas ranges and fire pits are also popular gas line installations with our clients.

Shut off Valves: Many homes built and renovated in the last 15-20 years are missing shut off valves, so when your faucet leaks the only way to stop the water is to turn off the water to the entire house. Installing a couple of valves on the waterlines to your kitchen faucet and bathroom faucets can save a lot of inconvenience if there is a problem. Our Ace Plumbing technicians carry all the parts needed to do this simple installation.

Water Softeners/Treatment: There is nothing worse for your back than having to lug a heavy bag of salt from your car into your furnace room, then trying to pour 25kg of salt into a tank that is higher than your waist. Water treatment has come a long way in the last few years and you have many more options than a standard softener. Ace Plumbing technicians have a wealth of information and can help you discover which option is right for you. If you have an old-style softener, ask us how we can deliver the salt from our truck into your softener before you run out!

Mystery Leaks: When a stain shows up on the ceiling or carpet that was not there before, or if an existing stain gets bigger or if it just happens intermittently, you have a mystery leak. There can be a lot of reasons these leaks happen and the amount of damage they can cause are significant so it is important to get them taken care of fast. Ace Plumbing technicians are available to you every hour of every day. They get it diagnosed and stopped fast to prevent more damage.

Recirculation Line: Tired of waiting for hot water to get to your shower or sink? A recirculation line circulates hot water to the fixtures you use most so you don’t have to run water down the drain to get the hot water you need. Ace Plumbing technicians carry the parts for recirculation lines, and have the expertise to install them for you.

Hot Water Dispenser: Waiting for water to boil is a waste of time. With a hot water dispenser, you can have boiling water for instant coffee, soup or tea simply by opening the tap.

Sump Pumps: When ground water finds its way into your basement a sump pump is often the answer. With a proper installation of a sump pump you can have full use of your nice dry basement without a worry about water destroying your development.

Not All Plumbing Companies Are The Same

Guys like Cheap Charlie operate on a fast and cheap motto, always looking for the next job and not focusing on the one at hand. Their ‘concrete warranty’ means his quick fix is your problem as soon as he drives off your ‘concrete’ driveway.

At Ace Plumbing we treat you with honesty and respect. Our certified and insured technicians are trusted members of our company, always using warrantied parts guaranteed to last the life of the job.

Take a look below at the difference Ace Plumbing brings to your home:

Cheap Charlie: Get Paid & Be Gone

Ace Plumbing: Happy Today Or You Don't Pay

1. Phone Answered While Working So He Can’t Focus On You Or The Job

Answers his own business phone – on the job, on your dime. May leave to go give an estimate in the middle of the day or even start that day so he doesn’t miss out on the job.

1. Phones Always Answered By Professional, Knowledgeable Office Staff

Our phones are answered by trained, knowledgeable staff who can answer any questions you may have. Services are scheduled within a time that allows for flexibility for both parties.

2. No Insurance

If he damages something, you pay and he stops answering your calls. If it happens before his job is complete, you’re left with an unfinished job and more repairs.

2. Full Coverage

All our technicians are WCB covered and insured for work in your home. You and your property are always protected in the rare event something goes wrong.

3. Never Shows Up On Time

You never know when he will be there and waste time waiting for him.

3. Always There When We Say We Will Be

Using our GPS, we call homeowners to give them accurate notices of arrival.

4. Makes Promises He Can’t Keep

Promised to update both your bathrooms before Christmas holidays started, but it’s three days before guests arrive and neither room is in working order.

4. We Back Up Your Contract With Action

Our staff schedule the jobs with your timeline a priority. The larger size of our operation ensures our promises are met with results.

5. Leaves Plumbing In Unusable, Unattractive State

Abandons the job or leaves for vacation without finishing the job and without letting you know.

5. Always Makes Sure Daily Functions Are Possible

Will always leave your bathroom or kitchen in a functional state with access to water and draining when possible.

6. Free Inaccurate/Loose Estimate 

Free estimate given over the phone. He bids low, keeping him busy and making it hard to reach him with questions or to schedule at your convenience.

6. Detailed, In-Person Estimate

The dispatch fee allows our technicians to offer in-person estimates, answer all your questions and discuss your options before you make a decision.

7. Inconsistent, Biased Pricing

Determines his pricing by the neighborhood you live in or how much he thinks he can get out of you based on how you look or what you drive.

7. State-Of-The-Art, Fair Pricing System

Our price guide is the same for every client regardless of where you live or what you do for a living. Learn about our Club Royale for huge savings that add up.

8. Snakes The Drain & Leaves Quickly

Snakes the drain, tells you the problem is fixed, takes his check and leaves you to find out the problem was much bigger than that.

8. Finds Root Cause Of Stoppage

Carefully investigates why the drain is clogged and explains different options to the homeowner to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

9. Disrespectful, Vulgar Language

Doesn’t clean up his speech no matter who’s around. Uses language you wouldn’t want your children repeating.

9. Courteous and Respectful Technicians

Our technicians use proper care around your whole family. We want you to be comfortable with us in your home.

10. Wears Dirty Boots and Clothes In Your Home

Doesn’t respect your home’s cleanliness. Walks in with smelly clothes and dirty shoes leaving more mess for you to clean up. Neighbours and household members can’t easily recognize him as a reputable business.

10. Always Wears Shoe Covers and Clean Uniforms

Our technicians protect your home from outside dirt and damage with shoe covers. We wear easily identified ID tags, clean uniforms and drive clearly labeled Ace Plumbing vehicles so you know who is in your home.

11. Installs Used Parts To Save Money & Get More Work When They Fail

He notoriously installs used parts while charging full price for a new one. Used parts fail long before a new repair, ensuring more work for Cheap Charlie.

11. Carries Thousands Of Warrantied Parts For One-Time Replacements

Ace Plumbing technicians carry thousands of parts in their fully equipped vans. Parts are warrantied to last the life of the repair or replacement.

12. Fixed Wrong And You Still Pay

Improperly installs parts and expects to get paid. May walk away from the job before completion after getting paid.

12. Fixed Right Or You Don’t Pay

Always fixes the problem correctly the first time, and if there are any flaws with the work, you don’t pay. Period.

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