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Whether you have a furnace, boiler or a combination of the two, when it’s cold you want it fixed right. That's why we offer the most reliable and efficient furnace/boiler repair Calgary has to offer. No matter how easy or complex your heating system we can repair it and keep it running efficiently.

Our Professional, Skilled Technicians Offer Expert Advice So You Can Make an Educated Decision About Your HVAC System

There are so many options out there when it comes to fixing or repairing humidifiers and water treatment systems. It can be overwhelming to the average homeowner, and it can be nearly impossible to make an informed decision without extensive research. That’s why our technicians are always ready to provide you with helpful advice about filters and systems; to make the process as easy as possible for you.

A Properly Running HVAC System Reduces Mold Growth, Keeping Your Air Cleaner and You Healthier

As homeowners, we don’t give a lot of thought to the air quality in our homes until something changes that grabs our attention. Perhaps we spent time at a friends who had a better HVAC system and you notice you’re breathing easier, coughing less or that your skin doesn’t feel as dry as it usually does. Air quality makes a difference to our health and happiness. A well serviced HVAC system not only keeps mold spores at bay, it also keeps the humidity level at optimal levels for easier to breath air.

We Do The Math So You Know Your Replacement vs. Repair Options

The first thing that enters your mind when your HVAC system stops working efficiently is, do I have to replace or can I repair? The answer varies of course, and there can be a lot to consider. How old your current system is, the efficiency ratings of the old vs the new one, the expense of a repair vs. replacement are just some of the things to consider. We don’t know the future, but we do know HVAC systems. Our skilled technicians will examine your system and let you know how much a repair vs. replacement will be. We’ll even help with the math when you compare the energy savings vs. repair and replacement costs.

With Simply Affordable©, a new system is very affordable. On almost any budget. Click here for more information on our finance options.

Take a look at some of the HVAC services that we provide:

Humidifiers: In Calgary’s cold climate it is important to have proper humidification in your home. It not only wards off colds but also keeps wood furniture and floors from drying out quickly. We can help you find the right humidifier for your home and heating system.

Water treatment: When it comes to water treatment there are so many filter options. Which one is right for you? Ace Plumbing has customizable water filtration for your home and family’s needs.

Furnaces: Keep your family warm all year with proper furnace maintenance. Our experienced technicians make sure your furnace is running efficiently, saving you money on energy bills and future repairs. We’re also fully qualified for replacement and repair and can walk you through the best options. Furnace wellness packages can be customized so your furnace maintenance never gets forgotten, ensuring a longer furnace and component life.

Boilers: Gas, oil or electric, we know them all. Boilers can be a great, quiet option for home heating, including in floor radiant heating. Whether you have a boiler that needs service or are thinking about your options, you can call us. We’re happy to answer any questions. Boiler wellness packages can also be customized so your boiler maintenance never gets forgotten, ensuring a long boiler system life.

Not All HVAC Companies Are The Same

Guys like Cheap Charlie operate on a fast and cheap motto. They’re always looking for the next job, hiring the cheapest labour they can find, and not focusing on the job at hand. He only honours his ‘concrete warranty’, meaning he’s done and it’s your problem as soon as he drives off your ‘concrete’ driveway.
At Ace Plumbing we have a great warranty, treat you with honesty and respect and you can always reach us with questions or concerns. Our technicians are all certified and insured, the parts we use are all warrantied for the life of the job and our plumbers are all trusted, experienced members of our company.

Take a look below at the difference Ace Plumbing brings to your home:

Cheap Charlie: Get Paid & Be Gone

Ace Plumbing: Happy Today Or You Don't Pay

1. Didn’t Specialize in HVAC, Taught Himself

Hasn’t kept up with the changes in technologies. Didn’t learn the proper ways to diagnose or fix the problem.

1. Our Technicians are HVAC Trained Specialists

Our techs are specifically trained in HVAC systems so you know you’re getting the job done properly.

2. No WCB Coverage

Gets workers from cash corner who could be on disability already and are looking to cash in. Doesn’t investigate qualifications or references. Worse yet, if they hurt themselves, they could sue you.

2. Full WCB Coverage

All our technicians are licensed, experienced and covered for work in your home. Full WCB coverage protects both you and them from accidents so the onus is never on you.

3. Limited Knowledge Resulting In Guesswork

Has some experience doing plumbing repairs, maybe even a certification but disaster looms for things like gas and water heater installations, etc.

3. Technicians Are All Certified Red Seal Journeymen or Apprentices

Our technicians are specialists in residential plumbing, with extensive, specialized training for all plumbing systems in your home.

4. Uses Vulgar, Disrespectful Language

Speaks on the job like he would around his buddies. Doesn’t respect your space or family.

4. Respectful, Courteous Technicians

Maintains a respectful, courteous presence in your home whether you are there or not.

5. Wears Dirty Clothes and Boots Into Your Home

Doesn’t bother to take his boots off or protect your floors from extra dirt and damage with shoe covers. Doesn’t has clean uniforms for his staff so you aren’t sure who is in your home.

5. Mandatory Shoe Covers and Clean Uniforms

We protect your home from dirt and damage with shoe covers. We wear ID tags, clean company uniforms and drive Ace Plumbing vehicles so you know who is coming to your door.

6. Never On Time, Irregular Schedule

Charlie isn’t organized. He shows up to jobs as parts and extra time come in. You never know when your job is really going to be completed.

6. Always On Time, Schedules Work

We schedule convenient service windows and always honour them. When we book a two or more day job, you’ll know exactly when we will be there.

7. Quotes Low To Get The Job & Makes Up For It After Hours

Quoted much less than expected for his ‘Nice Family’ rate. Learns your security system and routine. Comes back a week later while you’re sleeping for a quick B&E.

7. Honest Bids Mean Employees Are Paid Fairly & Kept Happy

Our technicians are there to help with your plumbing needs only. We are all background checked and drug tested to ensure the safety of your family and belongings.

8. May Also Quote Awfully High For Small Repairs That Aren’t Worth His Time

For smaller jobs that require the replacement of only one part, he charges extremely high prices so it’s worth his time.

8. Quotes Are Fair & Based Off Industry Standards – Regardless Of Size of Job

We treat all jobs big and small with the same care and attention. We don’t try to profit off small parts that are fundamental to your furnace.

9. Promises To Fix Your Furnace Right Away, Leaves You In The Cold

Ensures you that he can fix your furnace quickly and accurately so you can stay warm, abandons the job without warning.

9. Furnaces Are Repaired Carefully & Efficiently So You Can Relax

Provides an accurate time-frame for furnace repair/replacement, always stays within the time limit and gets you back to comfort as quick as possible.

10. Temporary “Band-aid” Fix

He focuses on the symptoms of a problem and simply snakes or plunges a clogged drain without investigating why it was clogged.

10. Finds The Root Of The Problem

We make sure to find the root cause of the problem so we can fix it permanently, efficiently and affordably.

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