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January 3, 2019

When you’re cold in your Calgary home, the hot air couldn’t come fast enough out of the vents that connect back to your furnace. Which is why we at Ace plumbing can understand the panic that can set in when you are sitting in front of the vents waiting for your fingers and toes to warm up, and all you can hear is a disheartening clunking noise, or the air coming out is cold, or there’s no air coming out at all!

If this winter nightmare has become a reality in your home, then you’ve come to the right place. Ace Plumbing knows a thing or two about furnaces, and can help you diagnose the issue before your hands turn to ice!

Hearing Noises From Your Furnace

There are a few noises to look out for when it comes to your furnace, and they can all mean something different. Here are a few of the usual suspects, so hopefully you can avoid the embarrassing exercise of trying to mimic the sound for your furnace technician:

Constant Rattling

If it sounds like there’s a screw loose, you might be right. Over time (and especially if you haven’t had your local Ace technician out for a maintenance call in a while) screws and other moving parts can loosen in your furnace and ductwork. This is an easy fix most of the time, and a furnace professional can locate the issue right away.

Loud Metal Clangs

If it sounds like more than just a loose screw, the blower fan of your furnace may have dislodged or is seriously misaligned. This can cause further damage to your furnace, so shut it down immediately and call a professional (if this is the case in your Calgary area home, Ace Plumbing provides 24/7 emergency services).


A high pitched screeching of squealing noise is caused by a belt in your furnace, or wear and tear in the bearings on the blower fan. This is not a major issue, but should be repaired by a professional.

Loud, Low Booming Sound

If you are hearing a low boom sound when you turn on your furnace, turn off your heating system and call a professional right away. This happens when the burners of your furnace are clogged, delaying the ignition process. This delay allows excess gas into the chamber, and creates a larger ignition flame then your furnace is intended to handle. As you can imagine, this can be quite dangerous! Make sure you call our emergency services right away.

If the sound seems to be coming from an area away from your furnace, it could also be a lingering issue in your ductwork. An inspection of your ductwork can solve the issue, and likely fix any additional leaks or inefficiencies that are costing your home money and energy!

Keep Your Home Safe and Warm, with Ace

At Ace, we don’t believe any homeowner should have to live a day without the home comfort appliances they depend on. When your finger and toes are cold in your own home, you need a furnace expert as soon as possible! Not matter what time you call, there will be a person on the other line to answer your questions and send out a furnace expert immediately. With Ace, You’ll be happy today or you don’t pay!

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