sacrificial anodes


Sacrificial anodes have been used to protect hot water tanks and increase their lifespans for decades, but most people have no idea what they are.

This post will explain what sacrificial anodes do, and their function in making your hot water tank last longer.

What are sacrificial anodes?

Sacrificial anodes are rods made out of highly active metals such as zinc, magnesium, or aluminum or magnesium alloys that are developed specifically to protect other, less active metal surfaces. Sacrificial anodes are considered “sacrificial” because when they are connected to a less active metal in water, they are consumed in place of the metal that they protect.

How do sacrificial anodes extend the life of your hot water tank?

The consumption of the anode prevents the corrosive minerals in the water from corroding the metal of your hot water tank. Instead of corroding the inside of the tank, the minerals will consume the reactive metal of the anode.

Why are sacrificial anodes important?

Put simply, sacrificial anodes reduce the rate of corrosion inside your hot water tank and may double the lifespan of your tank. Replacement of sacrificial anodes along with maintenance of water-softening equipment are important for slowing down corrosion of your tank. Corrosion of your water tank negatively impacts the quality of the water in your home and decreases the life expectancy of your tank, as well as metal faucets and drains.

How to know if its time to replace your anode:

The amount of maintenance required for your hot water tank varies depending on the quality of your water, so there is no definite amount of time to indicate when an anode needs to be replaced. Signs that its time to replace your anode include visible mineral buildup on plumbing fixtures and a strong mineral odour coming from your faucets. The difficulty in knowing when to replace an anode is being able to tell when it is so damaged that it is no longer effective. If you are unsure about how to drain your tank and check the anode yourself, call Ace Plumbing!


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