Homeowners should pay special attention to these components:

Woman in kitchen

Dishwasher fittings

Dishwashers go through quite a high volume of water throughout their lifetimes, and defective fittings can spell disaster. Whether you run your dishwasher at night when you’re sleeping, or right before you leave for work in the morning, a faulty fitting can very quickly lead to a huge mess.

Old washing machine hoses

These rubber hoses are carefully tucked away, out of site of the average homeowner. Many of us would never even think to inspect the hoses that so diligently carry gallons of water into our beloved washing machines. But unfortunately, these hoses are one of the most common to crack over time – especially because many plumbers will use the cheapest material for this area. Once your washing machine hose becomes brittle and fragile, it’s only a matter of time before they start letting water flow freely throughout your home.

Mystery Leak

Frozen pipes

Our Calgary winters can often spell disaster for homeowners, with freezing cold temperatures quickly rising above zero when the Chinooks come. This can cause pipes throughout your home to burst and release a never-ending supply of water if the main shut-off is not controlled.

Copper waterlines

The solder joints on copper waterlines are notorious for wearing out over time, leading to an unexpected flow of water in your home.

Punctures of waterlines

Common during renovations, these are especially tricky because they often do not leak right away. It can be difficult to determine how and when they started leaking, making it an even more stressful experience for homeowners.

Water Damage – The Biggest Threat To Your Home

The risk of a flood is actually much higher than homeowners like to think. Stay tuned for our next post which will be detailing how easy it is to prevent water damage with the installation of one simple device.

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