Save Thousands Of Dollars From Water Damage Caused By Unexpected Leaks

Nobody ever expects their home to fall victim to the devastating experience of water damage. Whether it’s because we like to think that our homes are a safe-zone, or because we believe that our homes are well-built, it always comes a surprise when homeowners walk in to a small lake in their home. This unwelcoming site is made even worse if we come home from a vacation or a work trip to find that water has made its way throughout your home, permanently damaging the walls, ceilings, floors, electrical fixtures and numerous other areas of the home.

Flooding Home


66% Of Home Insurance Claims Are Due To Flooding!

It may seem like a high number, but it’s true. Two thirds of all home insurance claims are a direct result of water in the home. That’s more than theft, fire and all other claims combined!

90% Of Water Damage Insurance Claims Are Preventable

That’s right, only 10% of water damage claims are caused by factors out of our control, namely the weather. Faulty plumbing and appliance failure are the most common causes of water leaks, and they can be completely avoidable.



How Can You Prevent Water Damage In Your Home?

Thanks to a revolutionary flood prevention device, preventative measures are made easy. It’s called the Aquatrip, and because of it’s money and stress-saving capabilities, it’s only a matter of time before they become mandatory in every home.

Many insurance companies are now offering rate reductions to clients who have Aquatrip installed in their homes!

No matter how much your home is worth, it is always a costly expense to repair water damage. That's why insurance companies are encouraging homeowners to install the Aquatrip.

What Is An Aquatrip?

To put it simply, an Aquatrip is a sensor valve installed on the main water supply line. It carefully monitors the flow of water and will promptly shut off the water if it senses a burst pipe or a leak. This results in drastically reduced damaged caused by any water leaks.

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It only takes minutes for hundreds of gallons to pour into your home!

This means that in only a few hours your home can turn into an overwhelming mess, and many of your personal belongings and valuable possessions can be permanently damaged and unsalvageable.

Who Needs and Aquatrip?

Everyone! Even in brand new homes, it can be hard to trust the workmanship of contractors who quickly throw up homes without a care for the future homeowners. Homes that are fitted with Poly B piping should take extra precautions, as this type of pipe has been found to be defective and it commonly breaks down due to oxygenation and exposure to ultra-violet rays.

Protect Your Investment And The Environment

By having an Aquatrip installed, not only are you protecting your investment by limiting the damage caused by an unexpected water leak, you're also saving the environment by reducing your water usage. The Aquatrip is an intelligent device that will detect any unusal spike in water usage, whether that's from the sprinkler being left on over night or a pipe bursting while you're on vacation.

Limited Time Only - $35 Off Aquatrip Installation Plus FREE Flood Alarm

Ace Plumbing is offering a $35-dollar discount off an Aquatrip installation – but only until August 30. This offer includes a free flood alarm as well – a handy little device that will immediately notify you if there is any water where it shouldn’t be.

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To learn more about the Aquatrip, watch Jack Devetten as he explains it on CTV news:

Aquatrip Demo CTV

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