gate valve1Do You Know Where Your Main Shutoff Valve Is? And More Importantly, Do You Know How To Use It?

If you answered no to either of the questions above, you need to read this post!

Dont wait until an emergency to find your shutoff valve! Regardless of how new your home is, its always smart to be prepared for worst case scenarios. And one of the worst-case scenarios any homeowner deals with is a busted pipe.

We often think that our homes are indestructible a safe zone that protects us from harsh weathers and a place where we feel comfortable. And while thats exactly what a home should be, sometimes the dangers can come from right inside.

Knowing How To Use The Main Shutoff Valve Can Save You From A Huge Flood

When a pipe bursts, water quickly starts filling into the room. It may start with a small leak slowly dripping from your roof, but this can escalate faster than you would expect and immediate action must be taken to limit the damage caused.

Where Is The Main Shutoff Valve?

The main valve is usually located in the furnace room, typically in a dark and hidden corner of your home, possibly surrounded by spiders and guaranteed to look unused and dusty. But this small, concealed mechanical part can be huge stress-saver.

How Do You Turn It Off?

Simply turn the handle clockwise until the water shuts off.


These valve handles have been known to break, especially if they have not been used in years. If you cant remember the last time that your valve was turned off, we highly recommend you go try it right now. Trust us, youd rather find out now that it needs to be replaced than when youre standing in five inches of water.

If the handle will not turn, call Ace Plumbing immediately.

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