water dropletsDid you know that the humidifier valve is the place on your furnace where many contractors use the cheapest part? 

A leak caused by a faulty humidifier valve can cause furnace failure.

Furnace humidifiers add water vapour to the heated air that is distributed throughout your home. The humidifier valve is what allows the water to enter the humidifier. If debris builds up between the valve’s plunger and the solenoid, the valve may become propped open and allow water to leak through. Debris buildup becomes more likely if a contractor has installed a cheap valve.

In order to troubleshoot problems with humidifier valve leakage yourself, make sure to shut off the water supply and turn off electric power. Then, use light water pressure to rinse out the solenoid or use air to blow out any debris. If there is any damage to the valve, it may need to be replaced.

If left unchecked, issues with your humidifier valve can lead to internal damage to your furnace. Leaks may also cause your furnace to short out or fail completely. Don’t wait until this happens to have your furnace checked.  

Ace Plumbing is available to inspect your furnace and humidifier valve, and replace the valve if necessary. Annual inspections of your furnace are the best way to prevent issues with your humidifier valve.

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