How often do you think about your water heater, other than when you’ve run out of that precious supply?

If you’re like most homeowners, the answer is likely not at all. As long as you have hot water to shower or bathe, you probably don’t ever consider what that vital component is doing. It can be easy to neglect the mechanical areas of our homes, especially if mechanics isn’t your area of expertise.

But the truth is that preventive maintenance is actually very easy!

Your water heater is one of the most expensive components of your home’s plumbing system and it pays to preserve it. Especially when you only have to do a few simple tasks once every year or two to save you from an expensive and inconvenient break down.

So what can you do to extend the life of your water heater?

1. Drain the water heater every year

Sediment settles over the burner over time, creating a heat-resistant layer that the burner must heat through before it reaches the water. This decreases the efficiency of your water heater, burning a lot more gas while producing less hot water.

2. Check the anode rod

Anode rods play a very important role in your hot water heater, attracting corrosive elements in the water to keep them from attacking the inside lining of the tank. Once the lining of the tank corrodes, the water heater will leak and the damage is irreparable.

As you can see, the few maintenance chores you can do to prolong the life of your water heater are very minimal and quite simple to complete. These easy tasks can save you hundreds of dollars from costs associated with replacing your water heater.

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