1. Organic material builds up in drains over time. Pipe diameter gets smaller and smaller as it builds, drains become slow and smell musty.Enzymes, like the ones found in Bio Smart, feast on the organic material leaving only clean drains behind. Used, monthly there is no residue and they are non-toxic. Nothing to harm the pipes, children, pets or the environment.
  2. Tree roots are chronic problem. Where there is one root there is food for more. Root X treatment with a drain-line auguring is a good answer. The roots are cut from the inside of the pipe by the auger and the Root X penetrates the root ends to discourage further growth.
  3. Bathroom sink and tub drain hair removal. Take the stoppers off the sink and tub drains and using a small hooked wire pull out the offending glob of hair and soap scum. To prevent that from happening fit the opening with a small screen available at most hardware stores or dollar stores. (Remember to clean out the little screen).
  4. Keep your kitchen drain free flowing. Clean out disposer/garburator. Make sure the disposer is clear of anything that will not dissolve easily. Causes of clogged kitchen disposers are carrot peels, potato peels and celery. Even ground up they are way too fibrous to clear down the drain without causing a problem. Beware of coffee grounds they are another common cause of clogs. Remember when using your disposer always use cold water for at least 30 seconds after grinding.
  5. Avoid flushing anything down the toilet that is not bio degradable like hygiene products, fruit skins, or vegetable peelings these never be flushed down a toilet.